Sky Heights Academy is a CBSE School located in Village - Salampur,Betma, Indore Dist.. This school was founded in 2002. Below is the full information about this school.

Affialiate ID: 1030394
School Name: Sky Heights Academy
District: INDORE
Address: Village - Salampur,Betma, Indore Dist.
Pincode: 453001
STD Code: 7322
Phone Number (Office): 260445 ,
E-mail :
Foundation: 2002
School Opening Date: 7/1/2002 0:00
Head/Principal: SAMEERA BAKHT
Head/Principal/Faculty Head's Qualification: M.Sc.,B.Ed.,M.B.A.
Experience Administrator: 10
Experience Teaching: 5
School Status: Senior Secondary
Name of Trust: Sky heights academy society

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